At Villa Vest we strive to give you a special lunch in Lønstrup. In the summer you can enjoy the weather and follow the course of life on the waterfront of the fishing village, while in the autumn and winter you can enjoy the last rays of sun before it disappears into the North Sea. Regardless of season, it is Lønstrup at its best.

In the kitchen, we do our best to create a lunch that can go hand in hand with the God-fearing view. From the nature around us and from our own farm, we pick up the best ingredients we can find, and mixed with a good portion of North Jutland care, we try to put together a lunch that is worthy of Lønstrup.

The menu

Celery and larch
Fried scallop and Jerusalem artichoke
Beef tartare and tomato

Main courses
Grilled pork with fried cabbage
Fried cod with grilled onions

Fried Seaweed House with black currants
Buttermilk and apple

2 dishes incl. snacks and filtered water DKK 350
3 dishes incl. snacks and filtered water DKK 450

2 gl. accompanying wine DKK 240
3 gl. accompanying wine DKK 350
Start with a glass of Champagne DKK 150

Full packed lunch

Incl. snacks and 3 dishes, Champagne and 3 glasses of wine as well filtered water

Kr. 900, -

Contact Restaurant Villa Vest

Strandvejen 138
9800 Hjørring

Tel: 98960566
The phone follows the restaurant's opening hours

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Dear all Villa Vest guests. 

We hope and believe in being able to reopen on May 6, 2021 !! 
There is still a lack of concrete guidelines for the reopening, and therefore it is with this reservation that we open on 6 May 2021

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you again! 

The whole team Villa Vest