Mosel Weekend at Villa Vest

November 4 - 6, 2022

Wine expert and Moselle expert Rene Langdahl guides you through dangerous cliffs, breathtakingly steep slopes and leads you into the complex universe of Riesling.

This is a special event with a limited number of 20 people, and takes place on the weekend of Friday 4 November to Sunday 6 November 2022.

The Moselle has never been better. The area has undergone a small revolution in the last twenty years. Old forgotten fields have been revitalized, classic wineries have gained new energy, the Moselle can make both dry Riesling, semi-sweet Riesling and elixir-like honey-sweet Riesling and there are even places that master spätburgunder. Over a weekend, you come out into the corners of the Moselle, experience the diversity of one grape, taste the difference between wine from blue slate and red slate, gain insight into the German classification systems and see the difference between old and new styles from a number of Moseldalen's most distinguished and skilled producers. We serve ONLY the best!


Water finds its way, always! Once upon a time, millions of years ago, a small stream found a crack in the bedrock of what we know today as central Germany. The current slid deeper into the rock, more water came in and eventually it had created a ravine. In some places the mountain was more massive than elsewhere and the stream of water found another way, ran around and eventually the stream had turned into a river that dug deep into the porous slate, winding towards the confluence with an even larger stream, which we today know as the Rhine. The Moselle was created. Later man came into being. The Romans planted vineyards on the steep slopes and today the Moselle is one of the wine world's most impressive partially man-made landscapes and Riesling grows almost everywhere.



15.00-15.30: Check in at the beach hotel. We stand ready with open arms

15.45: 16: 00 Kim Møller-Kjær welcomes you to a weekend in the character of the Moselle, where the nose and the senses of taste are buried deep in the slate of the Moselle both vinously and gastronomically.

16.00-18.00: 1st lesson / tasting.
We lay out hard, lubricate the taste buds and protect the exposed tooth necks so they are ready for acid bath. We need to know where the Moselle is located, what the weather is like under normal and extreme circumstances, dig deep into the bedrock, see and feel a slate slab and find out why it is so special with Riesling and slate. You learn about the German wine law, yes you will be able to lire it off if you were woken up in the middle of the night after this review. We taste cabinet, Mosel's claim-to-faim and differences between Mosel, Saar and Ruwer, get acquainted with the new and wild and get the degrees of sweetness right under the skin. Welcome to the Riesling party! We taste, among other things, from the large fields such as Goldtröpfchen, Karthäuserhofberg and Würzgarten.

19.00-22.00: 4-course evening menu at Restaurant Villa Vest.
The kitchen has put itself in the saddle to create an authentic dinner, which you crawled around on a Moselle slate slope.

You taste among others Markus Molitor, Van Volxem and Johs. Jos. Prüm 

22.00: Evening fun back at the beach hotel.
Coffee / tea and sweets are ready. The wine cabinets will be "loaded" with wines that support the weekend. They are for polite self-service, and are not included in the total price. Of course, this should not deter you from getting together and ending the evening with one last garbage from the Moselle. 


8.00-9.00: Breakfast.
The beach hotel is ready with the best start to the day: Villa Vest´'s personal breakfast with cheeses, sausages, hams, smoked salmon, freshly brewed coffee and fresh must. 

9.30-12.00: Cooking school at Restaurant Villa Vest.
We walk in a group towards the restaurant.

The chefs are ready to take you into the kitchen, where you will make a classic Central German lunch with the most authentic ingredients that we have brought home for the weekend from the German countries. Hold on to hat and glasses  

12.00-14.00: Lunch with included mini lesson
While lunch is being served, René will once again take the baton. 

We "settle" with two wines for lunch, but what wines! - THANK YOU for the coffee! We have a tough afternoon ahead of us.

14.00-15.30: Pause.
Time to gather after lunch before the day's steep climb

15.30-18.00: Steep climbing over class! 2nd lesson / tasting.
Now we need to be updated on all the cool stuff happening in the Moselle. We taste Riesling as a place interpreter; can one really taste the difference between two neighboring fields? We must taste Riesling with age and experience the joy of awakening a "dead" and forgotten vineyard to life and returning to the greatness of the past. We'll even go around the Moselle's abilities with pinot noir / spätburgunder. And yes, we taste wine from the Moselle's most famous fields like Scharzhofberger and Doctor, says the boy tag to Egon Müller and Thanisch and some of the river valley's new masters like Daniel Twardoski and Martin Müllen.

19.00-00.00: The Big Evening Menu at Restaurant Villa Vest.
Again, the starting point is the Moselle's own and the North Sea pantry, where we have a true star parade of the best ingredients ready for you. It will no doubt also be necessary as the wines require absolute top fish, vegetables and intense sauces. 

You must taste Maximin Grünhaus, Markus Molitor and Peter Lauer - it will be more than good! 

00.00: Evening fun back at the beach hotel. 

Coffee / tea and sweets are ready. The wine cabinets will be "loaded" with wines that support the weekend. They are for polite self-service, and are not included in the total price. Of course, this should not deter you from getting together and ending the evening with the VERY LAST salute from the weekend's theme, the Moselle.  


8.00: Joint departure from the beach hotel for the morning fresh.
Detoxification in the form of a morning dip and sauna on Sønderstranden.  

9.30: Late breakfast.
After a weekend full of impressions, Villa Vest´'s personal breakfast table is again served with cheeses, sausages, hams, smoked salmon, freshly brewed coffee and fresh must. 

11.00: Check out.
We hope that you are now ready to meet the world with even greater insight and adventure in Mosel's great experiences. 

Thank you for a wonderful weekend



We have carefully put together this weekend's program without compromising on quality, but still at a really good price:

1st pers. In double room with sink: 9.000,-
1st pers. In double room with own shower and toilet: 10.000,-

2nd person in double room with sink: 18.000,-
2nd person in double room with own shower and toilet: 20.000,-


This unique special event has a limited space of 20 people.

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We look forward to an unforgettable weekend in Lønstrup / Mosel 😉